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You know nothing of Passion. When your Rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of Passion."

Searill's beginnings are as chaotic as the spirit that fuels his rage. Abandoned by his parents in a slave-bet over a game of dice, Searill's childhood was that of servant and slave. He learned to trust few other than himself, and take advantage of the weak, lest he fall to a pitiful existence at best, or see an early death. Proud and unnaturally strong for his age, he quickly became a nuisance for his would-be captors, and eventually escaped the acclaimed masters.

Without home or even hovel to call his own, he embraced the vast wilderness and the challenges it imposed. Discovered by a wanderer and his wife, Jebodiah and Isabeau respectively, Searill was taught how to survive in the wildlands, how to take from the weak, and how to earn your strength. The many barbarian societies found by Searill were complex and ever-changing; each tribe had its own customs, but the common rule was that there were no rules. Life is for shaping, and those that cannot shape are doomed.

Earning various tattoos by feats of skill and strength, Searill was quickly making a name for himself. The ink and needle reminded Searill of the scars he earned as a youth, and in that remembrance, decided he would eventually need to return to his captors and make them pay for the years of torture and forced servitude.

Searill serves no one, but welcomes the company of others when they prove to be useful, or when their goals are aligned. During his voyage back into the city he called a cage, he found himself at The Leaping Wizard Inn, and met four adventurers that proved to be useful during a foray. Proving their mettle, Searill decided to align with these adventurers, at least until they betrayed him or proved too weak to survive the coming conflict.

In a land that clings to order, the chaos of the wicked shall meet the chaos wrought by Searill the Barbarian. Few will forget the future battles that may calm the rage.

Searill at a Glance[]

  • 41 max HP
  • Favored Weapon: Longsword

Character Details[]