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"There is only The Hunt. If it has walked these lands, I can track it. If it hasn't, I will find it anyway."

Lukalas' past is as a troubled as the Elves', of which he calls kin. Distanced by the cultural center of the Aevinerie, Lukalas was orphaned and his parents unknown. Discovered by the master tactician, Rythan the Bold of house Ladin, known by the southern elves as Rythan the Wanderer, and Rythan the Protector, the young Lukalas (named after a famed hero of The High Forest in the Forgotten Realms), knew only the path of the warrior. Movement meant survival, and the band of warriors was always on the run.

At a young age, Lukalas found himself separated from his band of brothers, and mysteriously met a cloaked figure in the woods. Out of place, Lukalas approached the figure with curiosity. Much to Lukalas' surprise, the figure began to converse, despite the young Elf taking every precaution to remain as silent as possible. The man spoke of a kingdom of beasts, and charged Lukalas with the destiny of discovering these majestic hunting grounds, as they would lead the Elves back to their former glory, in a world without disease or war, but only the pursuit of happiness. Just as Lukalas thought to be dreaming, the vision ended and the mysterious figure gone. Eventually finding his way back to his people, Lukalas did not dare to mention this touching vision, lest he be scolded by his superiors. To this day, however, Lukalas retains hope that his visions were not dreams, but a future that may be found.

The group of warriors preyed on the Orcs, giants, and all manner of beasts that called the Storm Lands home, who attempted, in turn, to prey on the Elves. Lukalas learned the ways of the Ranger during his youth, and follows the path to this day, skilled with bow and sword. Shortly after (in Elven time) Lukalas earned the right to call himself a true Ranger, Rythan the Bold discovered a nefariously intelligent Orc named Greorg amassing an army, and planning to lead an excursion of beasts and warriors over the Nvuust Desert and into the heart of the Elven Aevinerie.

Rythan knew their traditional hit-and-run tactics would only delay the inevitable, so he concocted a plan to strike at the heart of the force and assassinate the leaders of the army. The plan was a partial success, as many generals were captured or killed, but Rythan himself was slain be Greorg during the conflict. Witnessing their leader's death, the party of warriors retreated and counted their losses. Although the attack was significantly delayed, and many of the war-parties scattered without their leaders, Greorg still lived, and it was only a matter of time before he recruited new pawns for his deadly game.

Heartbroken and lost, Lukalas decided to leave the Elven company to search for a means to the magical land of his vision. With a quiet disposition, Lukalas was always content to let his more experienced elders make decisions for him, but on his own, Lukalas quickly felt the need to find like-minded others to help shape his path.

Lukalas found his new party during a summer storm and in the hall of The Leaping Wizard Inn, far away from his past but closer to his future. The Free Cities were populated by mostly humans, but a familiar sense of self-sufficiency and frontier spirit surrounds the Elven Ranger in this place, but evil never sleeps, and Lukalas knows that his recent passed might catch him before he is able to meet destiny.

Lukalas at a Glance[]

  • 4th level Ranger
  • 16 max HP
  • Favored Weapon: Orcbane Longbow
  • Favored Enemy: Orcs

Character Details[]