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"Kings alter the Laws of Man as they please. What makes you think the Laws of Nature are any different?"

Ellanor grew up in a common household, on Farrowley Hill, in the town of Hillmont, in the Halfling kingdom called Thainland. Due to the large size of her family, Ellanor was easily forgotten among sprawl of small-folk. She never shared the hobbit tradition of the safe and simple life, much preferring the outdoors and interesting wilds that surround the Thainland, even in her youth. She stole off to the woods nearly everyday, her chores forgotten or completed with haste. 

One morning, she ventured farther than ever before, after discovering a newborn red tailed hawk that had lost its family. Desperately searching for the nest, Ellanor stumbled upon a very old wandering woodsman, whom Ellanor later learned to be a powerful mage. The mage cared for the hawk and impressed Ellanor with his kindness and generous propensity for teaching. After showing Ellanor the way back home, and how to care for the baby hawk, she and the mage developed a friendship.

The old wizard turned out to understand the Druidic arts, and over the years, taught Ellanor how to channel the natural and supernatural energies of the forces of nature. Ellanor was a natural student; starving for knowledge, she took to the ways of the Druid well. Calling power from the Sylvan gods, as well as bonding with natural spirits themselves, Ellanor learned much, and devoted her youth to becoming a true Druid.

Ellanor's family hardly noticed her gone all the time, attributing her disappearances to her queer nature of going off on adventures and finding mischief, a quality few Halflings are known for, but not completely unheard of. The Farrowleys long considered her lost, and though rumors spread about her disappearances, Ellanor cared little for the gossip and rumor-mongering of old hobbits. She learned to fend for herself by using her Druidic talents, and when she had full control of her abilities, vowed to leave her Shire-town for good, looking for knowledge and a chance to instill balance in the world.

Her final meeting with the woodland mage proved eventful. She had become a true Druid, though she had much more to learn, the mage could not teach her more. During their final conversations, the old man tasked Ellanor with discovering magical artifacts and gaining trusted allies, and warned her that the Halfling's homeland was not as safe as its inhabitants would expect. To the north, the dreaded Deadlands host terrible beasts and massive storms. The wizard predicted that sometime after a year, these forces could be poised to take attacks, though their manner or strength was impossible to know. He left Ellanor with a magical acorn trusting that her Druid calling would find use for it.

Setting off northward, Ellanor found herself caught in a summer storm on an evening while outside the town Renwood. She discovered four other adventurers in The Leaping Wizard Inn, and quickly proved to be a valuable part of their group. Together, they may find a way to bring balance to the chaotic Free Cities, though Ellanor struggles to prioritize her love of nature and need to help others. The adventures to come will test her will, and though she holds little love for her homeland, she may lose the opportunity to return if her party fails.

Ellanor at a Glance[]

  • 4th level Druid
  • 25 max HP
  • Favored Weapon: Sling
  • Favored Spell: Produce Flame

Character Details[]

Ellanor's Cantrips[]