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Player character 03 dwarf wizard by domigorgon-d5sye0j

"Words carry weight. Mine far moreso than yours."

Young Bogra, son of Bita, of clan Bronzetunnel, of House Stonewane, enjoyed the relative freedoms afforded by the mercantile class of Spherule, the capital city controlled by the Dwarf Kingdom. Growing up with three older brothers, Bogra had a difficult time being noticed by his family and his family's friends. His education focused on the family's business: running a mining company that oversaw many of the tunnels that contain the precious ores and gems that flood the Dwarven markets. Although a developing and competent businessman, with the potential to lead, Bogra much preferred the stories of heroic adventures and past tales that entrenched the old world in epic conflicts.

After discovering he had some talent for magics, a rare quality for a Dwarf, Bogra spent most of his free time entertaining the various tavern-folk after their long shifts in the dark, dangerous mines. Bogra's family was none-to-pleased when they discovered where the young Dwarf was running off to, and he was forced to return to his family business, until one fateful day.

His father Bita and mother Hini Bronzetunnel were investigating the collapse of a mining tunnel, when the stone shifted and crushed the unfortunate two. Before the bodies could be recovered and a proper mourning ceremony performed, Bogra decided to abandon the dangerous mining business, the rest of his family, and travel south, beginning a new life as Bogra the Bard.

After many months of traveling, Bogra found himself in the human-dominated land of the Free Cities Region, whose people had a friendlier-than-most attitude toward Dwarves. One stormy summer evening in the Leaping Wizard Inn would align his destiny with that of four other travelers, though the death of his parents still weighs heavy on his mind. Focused on the perils at hand, Bogra knows that his family may call him back to Spherule once again. Whether he welcomes the opportunity to return home, or dreads the reminder of the life he lost, remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure, however; The Free Cities are rife with conflict, whether from the yet-untamed wild forests that surround the land, or some devious inhabitants that promise to make the The Free Cities not so free anymore. The journey ahead will be challenging, but there are adventures to be had and stories to be told, giving Bogra ample opportunity to spend his talents. The future will force Bogra to employ all of his talents, learn new abilities, or never live to see the glittering city of Spherule again.

Bogra at a Glance[]

  • 4th level Bard
  • 19 max HP
  • Favored weapon: Light Crossbow
  • Favored spell: Detect Magic

Character Details[]