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Welcome to the Anuron Wiki[]

Private Dungeons and Dragons game. This wiki will detail characters and places of significance, as well as host character files and other details.

Anuron - Dungeons and Dragons[]

Anuron is the name of the continent of the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 (homebrew) setting . The continent was created by Matt Podschun, the game's dungeon master , is a land rich in history and rife with danger. The history, people, creatures, and locations are borrowed from many different settings, with most inspiration drawn from The Forgotten Realms setting. 


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  • Audio Recordings - Google Drive link to Audio Recordings of latest sessions.
  • Locations - Places, towns, cities, and dungeons in the game.
  • Maps - Computer created maps of the campaign.
  • Non-player Characters - a list and short descriptions of people.
  • Player Characters - a list of players that play the game.
  • Synopsis of sessions - The story, as it unfolds.


  • Character Sheets - Dropbox link to PDF charactersheets.
  • Dropbox - most shared files are hosted on
  • Map files - Dropbox link to the maps.
  • - an online tabletop toolset that hosts maps and features other nifty things.

Synopsis of the Campaigns[]

Free Cities Campaign[]

  • Week 1 - Meet the party at the Leaping Wizard Inn.
  • Week 2 - The party sets off in look for work and encounters some very ferocious rats and a flamboyant priest.
  • Week 3 - The party determines what how to divide loot, run away from rats, purchase some explosives, and they meet a talkative dragon.

Trademeet Campaign[]

Latest activity[]