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Elven cleric in color by LokyL

"I come bearing the word of my god. Test my faith, and that word is 'Begone.'"

Aiden Elluel Elenari grew up in the culturally complex Elven kingdom, known as the Aevinerie. The Elves have a long and dark past: they were once the dominant race of Anuron, after venturing from the forgotten realms of Faerun, whom came from a mysterious and distant immortal race of the original Elves. The cousins of cousins, today's Elves are a people lost and forgotten, but have not totally forgotten themselves.

After the age of Dragons began with a fiery invasion nearly a millenia ago, the Elves were hit hardest and forced to fall back to the southern peninsula, protected by the desert lands that separate their kingdom from the rest of the continent. Soon after the mysterious disappearance of the Dragons, however, the Elves' foray back into their former homes was interrupted by the newly arriving human population, conquering and quickly out-populating the fair-folk. After many centuries, the Elves are a divided people: their homeland is split into the war-like and zealous northern factions that vehemently defend the land from invaders, while the central powers hold on to the old ways of Elven propensity, while still others, mostly young and living among non-Elves, choose to embrace the change that new challenges require.

Aiden grew up in common quarters of the Elven town Valderoth, son to Veladon and Cistiel Elenari. His southern heritage imparted a sense of Elven pride and purity in him, but when a rash of plague that perplexed even the most powerful healers began to spread, Aiden found himself questioning the order of his elders. With a kind heart and selfless attitude, he volunteered at the local Temple of Mikhail, to better learn the art of healing magic. He grew to possess a strong sense of wisdom in the teachings of Mikhail, whose order was once vast but now overshadowed by the new gods brought over the sea by mankind.

Aiden's will was put to the test when his mother fell ill to the mysterious disease that plagues the homeland. In just months, Cistiel Elenari aged in years. The panic brought on by the sudden Aging Illness forced many to seek cures and causes in other kingdoms, but so far, none have been found. Aiden's father, Veladon, has too many responsibilities to the town; aspirations of becoming an elder and continuing his laborious farming, to truly care for his only son and his sick wife. This has caused tension in the family, and Aiden grew restless over the months over his father's indecision.

Summoning the courage to look for a cure for his people, and hopefully grow in his connection to Mikhail, Aiden ventured north and west to the mostly human lands of The Free Cities, hoping to discover a possible stone un-turned by the human hands that have only just begun to populate the area. If there is knowledge in the old Elven ways, The Free Cities may still have it, as the people there did not completely destroy the remnants of Elven past, but chose to preserve and build upon what they had discovered.

Aiden found four other like-minded adventurers during an evening thunderstorm that raged above the shelter of The Leaping Wizard Inn, and has since joined their party. Aiden's future is clouded in doubt, and the answers he seeks seem to elude him, but with his faith and teachings, he vows to return to the Aevinerie with a means to aid and guide his ancient people.

Aiden at a Glance[]

  • 4th level Cleric
  • 31 max HP
  • Favored Weapon: Long Bow

Character Details[]

Aiden is played by Alex Livanos.

Aiden's Priest Scroll (spells)[]